do share my picture Hera 



do share my picture Hera is a dynamically visual performance, performed at Østre Kapel in Vestre Kirkegård. 

Based on the classical Greek myth of Ekko, the piece embodies these questions; what does it mean to lose our sense of self?
To have something taken from us against our will? Does losing one's voice, mean losing one's ultimate freedom? 

Where the myth ends, our story begins - on one hand a ferocious battle, and on the other a grandios gossip story.

The performance is created by Kant Fabrik and collaborators Anne Vraaby and Anja Tietze Lahrmann. Together they invite the audience on the journey that Ekko was denied.

                                  Performed at Scenesommer 2020 at Sydhavn Theatre


"It is an aesthetic and fine piece we are dealing with here.


While Ekko slowly builds up her character, I sit completely still out of fear that she will break with the slightest movement"


- Kira Bach Pedersen,


"A piece that fully lives up to the first sentence of Kant Fabrik's manifesto: We move between velvet and concrete. This is exactly how DO SHARE MY PICTURE HERA feels - a palpable experience, in the middle of the charitable soft and the unreasonably hard."


- Casper Koeller,

Skærmbillede 2020-08-05 kl. 20.43.04.png


"This first intense physical image-saturated part of the Do Share My Picture Hera performance is fabulous"

- Mette Garfield,



" I wish there could be extra tickets on sale (...) but instead I would like say to all the the chief executives out there: KEEP AN EYE ON THEM! - and if the show is going on tour: BUY IT !"

- Mille Maria Dalsgaard,

Chief Executive of

Sydhavn Teater

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