do share my picture Hera


Premiering the 16th of September 2020 at Sydhavn Teater (Østre Kapel, Vestre Kirkegård) 

do share my picture Hera is a dynamically visual performance.

Based on the classical Greek myth of Ekko, the piece embodies these questions; what does it mean to lose sense of ourselves ? To have something taken from us against our will? Does losing one's voice, mean losing one's ultimate freedom? 

Where the myth ends, our story begins - on one hand a ferocious battle, and on the other a colourful gossip story.

The performance is created by Kant Fabrik and collaborators Anne Vraaby and Anja Tietze Lahrmann. Together they invite the audience on the journey that Ekko was denied.


DATES in September 2020:


16th - 20:00

17th - 20:00

18th - 20:00

19th - 20:00

20th - 20:00

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