(2018) Theater Expedition Metropolis


      A site of attempted rebirth. 

Intense and consuming, OF ENVY.SHE SAID ruminates in the depths of unwanted emotion. It examines the diminishment of the self through the concept of envy.

A complex emotion, often charged with being either typically or universally, unreasonable, irrational, vicious and wrong to feel, yet is able to form itself as an occupation in which one can find continuous pleasure - something that needs to be itched to stay alive.

In a dreamy monochromatic scenery the performer transcends emotional negotiation into movements and rituals. 

Soundscape by We Like We 

"It is not everyday you get to experience a performance of classic character, where theatre and visuel arts merge into each other and where all scenic elements are in play."


- Lone Sørensen, Kulturkongen

"The whole performance was based on a visual experience of the feelings a person has or feels when one envies something someone else has. An extremely worthwhile fusion of dance and sounds. Very beautifully performed by Susanne Engbo Andersen"


- Leif Stark,


"You find a vacuum packed woman and you can hardly be in yourself, while watching her awake and trying to get away. You want to save her. The performance is underway, the music that follows is very very beautiful. You follow the woman through her suffering and self-reflections."

- Majken Larsen,


"With video mapping, a forest of lampshades becomes a canvas for the woman's thoughts and envy, and with sensual and almost ritual movements, Susanne Engbo Andersen shows her inner struggle against the envy she nourishes."

Casper Koeller,


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